Welcome to French Hospitality

Hello and welcome to the site of French Hospitality (FH), your expert of living in homestay.
You want to come to Paris to :

  • Study
  • Visit
  • Do research
  • Work

and you have a tight budget.
Look no further, French Hospitality has the solution you need : accommodation in a host family.
Our host families are selected for their warm and friendly welcome. They perfectly mastered the French language and are used to open their home and heart by sharing their culture and daily life. They already experience this with their own children in the exchange abroad. That is why mode accommodation in a family allows a total immersion in the language and the French culture.

FH offers several options ranging from a room only to half board (breakfast + dinner). Half board option is the most popular with our students because it helps build social relationships with family while practicing the French language.

The rooms are clean and comfortable spacious apartments in central Paris, or very close suburbs and always accessible by metro, bus or rer.

In case of lodging with a host family does not suit you, FH can also offer other accommodations in apartment, hotel, hostel.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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