Rules of conduct between Family/Student

Family :

  • Make available to the student a single room clean, comfortable with a bed and appropriate bedding (mattress, sheets, pillow, blanket or duvet), a desk, a chair, a desk lamp, closet or wardrobe, a bedside table and a lamp.
  • Ensuring access to the common areas to the student iethe kitchen, bathroom, sanitary, the dining room, the living room.
  • Respect the political, religious of the student.
  • Exercise discretion and reserve.
  • Adopt a courteous attitude.
  • Inform the student of any changes that may affect the smooth running of the home.
  • Share and promote French culture by involving the student in your daily life.
  • To discover the student your neighborhood with shops nearby, as well as nearest transportation (metro,rer, bus).
  • Communicate schedules the student meal (breakfast, dinner).
  • Give a set of key to the apartment to the student.
  • Change towels, bath towels once a week.
  • Proceed to the household of the room (vacuuming, dusting furniture…) once a week.
  • Wash personal effects of the student once a week.
  • Change sheets, pillowcases, duvet every 2 weeks.

Student :

  • Communicate your arrival schedules (at the airport, train station), the flight number to FH and the host family at least 2 weeks before your arrival.
  • Make your bed and keep your room and your belongings tidy to facilitate the household by your family once a week.
  • Ventilate your room 10 minutes per day. Do not forget to close the window when you leave the room.
  • Lower the heat in the room if necessary. Check with your family.
  • Turn off the light after use.
  • Keep the bathroom, sanitary, kitchen clean after use.
  • Eat in the room is not allowed.
  • Use the breakfast put at your disposal. Breakfast is “à la française” with coffee or tea, milk, bread or toast, butter and jam.
  • Ask the family schedules breakfast and dinner.
  • Prevent early enough the family if you are late or if you can not be with the family for dinner.
  • Access the kitchen lunch time is not allowed.
  • Do not take shower prolonged beyond 10 minutes as water, gas, electricity are expensive.
  • Give your personal laundry washing a family once a week.
  • Purchase liability insurance in case of accident, illness etc…
  • Watch carefully the set of keys that you was given by the family. In case of loss or forced lock, you are responsible and the cost of replacement keys or lock are at your expense.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the apartment.
  • Respect the privacy of your family and do not make noise after 10.00 PM.
  • Adopt any circumstance a courteous attitude.

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